Chelsea arts club trustee award and workshops

Lucy is an experienced workshop facilitator, sharing her alternative print making methods in her online classes and across schools. 

Lucy was awarded The Chelsea Arts Club Trustee Award in 2020 which enabled her to deliver her print making workshops to students in pupil referral units across West London. The works produced in the workshops,  have formed the basis towards mural designs which will be completed in the near future. 

Photos taken from the workshops

"I wanted to free up myself and have some fun making things as I was a bit stuck in my own practice. The course was even better than I hoped. I thought that it was great value."

"I’ve been enjoying combining the different methods in my work and

yes - I’m wanting to use some of the techniques on ceramics"

Mural Designs made from the students work

"I really liked making prints from rubbish and I had lots of thoughts about work that would relate to the climate emergency."

"You made it all very enjoyable Lucy. I liked that you made things at the same time as us."