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Come bye festival 2022

Lucy was responsible for painting the canvas murals and creating the sculptures and tapestries that were used as part of the decoration for Come Bye festival 2022.

 Do-iY at Come bye festival 2021

Lucy was responsible for creating the wooden sculptures and the tapestries for one of the stages at Come Bye festival as part of Do-iy collective.

Do-iY at Midsummer Groove 2021

Lucy is co founder of Do-iY collective. As a collective they host club nights, art exhibitions and more recently installations and stages at festivals. Lucy was leading decor team for their 'drone dome' stage at Midsummer Groove Festival 2021. Responsible for the wooden sculptures that surround the dome. 

Chelsea arts club trustee award 

Lucy is an experienced workshop facilitator, sharing her alternative print making methods in her online classes and across schools. 

Lucy was awarded The Chelsea Arts Club Trustee Award in 2020 which enabled her to deliver her print making workshops to students in pupil referral units across West London. The works produced in the workshops,  have formed the basis towards mural designs which will be completed in the near future. 

Photos taken from the workshops