Can prints and plastic

Lucy’s work is informed by her surroundings both aesthetically and by the physical objects that she finds left behind.  She has developed her own hybrid printing and joining method involving aluminium cans and plastic packaging. This is an on-going investigation of fusing traditional art techniques with waste materials. Whilst the very action of working with waste is a comment on the environment she does not project this to be the dominating message, instead there is a focus on how to celebrate the materials characteristics. The strong desire to utilise waste materials within her practice stems from growing up in a busy household of refurbishment, family members frequently return with items for renovation they have found abandoned eg in skips, on the street

IMG_0098 copy.jpg


Mixed media painting and print on to cans

122 x 130 cm

Worms and Wonders

Mixed media print on to cans

170 x 130 cm

Ironing and Coriander

Mixed media  print on to cans

80 x 30 cm


Mixed media wall sculpture, plastic packaging, cans, embroidery

70 x 115 cm


Mixed media print on to cans

3 x 100 x 200 cm


Mixed media wall sculpture; plastic packaging, fabric, embroidery

52 x 65 cm


Mixed media print on to cans

80 x 160 cm

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