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YMCA Brunel Group/ Somerset Art works/ Reading Hill Architects Project, 2023-2024 

Lucy was commissioned by Somerset Artworks to work with the young people who attend the YMCA club in Frome to reimagine and design the interiors of their space. She did this through a series of workshops and a research trip to Bristol. The result of the project has concluded in wooden collage artworks and signs, alongside colours to be painted in the space. The project is set to complete later this year in Oct, 2024, Lucy will be working with Reading Hill Architects to  translate the young people's ideas. 

YMCA, main artwork
YMCA Abstract shape wooden collage
YMCA flower wooden collage
YMCA Mountain wooden collage
YMCA Computer room Sign
YMCA Sports Hall sign
YMCA Kitchen sign
YMCA Toilet Sign
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